Who is Dermo-hair? Why join?


Problèmes de calvitie

A Label and a charter defined by professionals. a Label means forcing yourself to operate according to specific
rules. Dermo-Hair is a network of labeled centers and members certified by a quality charter for
dermopigmentation which must be adhered to. A label created to establish identical operating rules within the
network, centers, operators and members. We also offer training accompanied by continuous monitoring. all
this adapted until the center formed and the operator member is fully operational and capable of operating
independently. Our centers are independent structures managed by independent members. they practice
according to very specific rules of hygiene and procedures set out in this charter. These rules must be accepted
by all members and adherents.
Our training is based on these same rules.
All of our members are an integral part of the network and have been trained at home in our various practices
and techniques. see classification of badges. A classification with the level of the center and its operators. It
makes it possible to differentiate these on the course and level reached of the formations. Our entire team has
been practicing on several techniques for several years, they have the skills and the desire to transmit their
knowledge and experiences. In our training we will cover different topics such as hair life, loss mechanisms or
alopecia in men and women. The different pathologies, the equipment to start well, a compulsory hygiene
course. The many pigmentation techniques, pigments and colorimetry. Tricopigmentation or S.M.P indeed
shaved and density. Sales advice. The consultation and especially a lot of practice on the different modules.
The name Dermo-Hair Center is therefore defined as a guarantee of quality and confidence certifying the skills
of operators and their continuous monitoring.


You want to be part of Dermo-Hair and take advantage of our Label and our visibility services or our support

Demograph in dermopigmentation we can also use the following terms:

– Tricopigmentation
– Micropigmentation
– Hair tattoo
– The scalp
– The scalp-hair
– The SMP
– Hair pigmentation

Dermo-aesthetic or Medico-aesthetic

This charter is precisely created to avoid amalgams. We will not play on the words “it is not medical in the
literal sense of the word”.
The term Dermo-aesthetics will be best suited in most situations. All terms referring to medical will be
excluded from our advertising for the following reasons.
Only doctors in Belgium can use these terms.
Law of 23 May 2013 regulating the qualifications required to perform acts of non-surgical aesthetic medicine
and cosmetic surgery and regulating the advertising and information relating to its acts, MB 2 July 2013 (prem.


Tricopigmentation a history of prices:

The price of a tricopigmentation, it is often one of the first questions asked but for me not the most important
and especially not at the beginning of the consultation.
During this consultation the price will be the last part approached because it is very important to understand
the construction mechanism and the risks associated with this kind of procedure.
Often when it is missed, either by the choice of a bad practitioner or just the price and that one comes back to
me to see if I can “fix” as if by magic the price has no more importance. Sorry often it is too late and in 95% of
cases it is even irreversible. hence my refusal if it is not well defined later as a remedy.

Who would still want to take the risk after repairing?

If you sign a release, then we look at what is possible.
At best, you will have to be patient and wait. Take into account evolution, cell renewal to decide the best
solution and this can take some time.
To avoid this disaster it is very important to do things in order. First check the qualifications and work of your
operator. Contacting former customers, for my part a good part agrees to testify or to be contacted.

Also avoid those who offer you too low prices

Try to have multiple offers. Check your practitioner’s skills. He must also be able to give you concrete
guarantees. He must leave you the opportunity to place a review which will not be moderated by him on his
site or on social networks.

Be part of our members: or members

Above all, being part of our charter means respecting and proposing rules established by Dermopigmentation
professionals at the service of your customers. Like to be simple Adhere.
It is to prove your level of excellence by a basic, intermediate or expert badge received at the end of the
training or upgrade module.
Your site is emblazoned with our categorized logo, a sign of Quality and Excellence. The majority of people
appreciate when you can prove your commitment to values. This is all the more reassuring when you are part
of a group of a structure supervised by recognized centers or professionals.


Let’s weave this canvas on the net together.

It is also appearing as a member on our website in a specific page. A link will be created towards your site as
well as a return link in order to give credibility to our commitment. The contribution requested is mainly used
to maintain the referencing and therefore the reputation of your site. Customer visits can also lead to localized
research in your region. Belonging to a label is a plus.
In this way it is win-win at a lower cost because SEO costs a lot. The more we are, the more we will have
exchanged links that will benefit everyone.
You wish to use our communication tools such as flyers, photos or leaflets used for the sale.
Interested in the process. It’s simple, just contact me privately to receive all the registration procedures.
This is obviously and mainly aimed at all dermopigmentation professions, practitioners, operators, center,
beautician, tricopigmentist, equipment supplier.