Franchise Center

A complete formula for total support, here we take care of everything so that your investment and the
franchise is profitable very quickly.

Ask for a quote and file for the Franchise.

  • No Limit Support Formula: Standard Formula: Franchise. Aimed at large aesthetic centers already in place as
    well as operators who would like to quickly start tricopigmentation or micro-pigmentation with a long-term
    plan and a well-established structure.
  • Use of our name, logo and webmaster.
  • Establishment of a website and your presence on Google.
  • Training of one or more operators in your center see our offers.
  • Provision of training syllabuses.
  • Unrestricted sharing of all our knowledge and experience.
  • Provision of necessary equipment lists of equipment and suppliers.
  • Establishment of a work and reception structure (cabinet).
  • Implementation of an effective visual identity on the net by our webmaster.
  • Provision of photos, flyers and advice for sale.
  • You will be informed by our label and charter as well as by our training structures.
  • Establishment of a structure for consultations.
  • Support for the first consultations by your side (your models).
  • Realization at home with your teams of the first procedures in full support.
  • Provision of an action plan, market research and concrete results of existing centers.
  • Proven gain, success and guaranteed turnover.
  • 100% operational between 6 months and a year.
  • Continuous monitoring for the first two years.
  • After 18 months of activity the center is perfectly profitable, the objectives will even be increased.
  • We regularly check your communication and your good practice.
  • Privilege to receive upgrades from recognized operators.
  • Possibility thereafter of being taken up as a referral and training center for your region.